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Pub2Pub Gravel La Rulles


  • Art 1: We encourage participants to respect the rules of courtesy when overtaking other participants throughout the circuits.

  • Art 2: Although certain sensitive points may be subject to security by the organization, participants must, in all circumstances, respect the highway code. Everyone will comply with the Highway Code, the municipal decrees of the localities crossed, and the recommendations of the organizers given at the start. The greatest vigilance is recommended.

  • Art 3: The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident, falls, theft or damage to the personal effects of participants occurring during the event.


  • Art 4: The participant is responsible for choosing the distance in which he takes part, taking into account his physical level or other parameters such as weather conditions.

  • Art 5: All participants must be able to practice Gravel and declare themselves to be in good health.

  • Art 6: Presentation of medical certificates is not required. However, it is highly recommended to carry out a cardiac check-up regularly and to decide what action to take following this check-up. The organizer has no responsibility in this regard.

  • Art 7: Wearing a helmet is compulsory

  • Disclaimer

  • Art 8: Cancellation of the event by the organizer for exceptional circumstances will be limited to reimbursement of the registration price paid by the runner.

  • Art 9: In the event of withdrawal by the participant, entry fees are refunded exclusively in the event of justified force majeure and upon presentation of a valid medical certificate, subject to informing the organization by email. -email before the test takes place.


  • Art 10: The organization reserves the right to modify routes and distances at any time, particularly for safety reasons. 

  • Art 11: It is prohibited to throw waste into nature.

  • Art 12: Each participant is asked to stay on the forest paths, according to the GPX track provided.


  • Art 13: Participants expressly authorize the organization to use their image as part of the promotion of the event.

  • Art 14: Each participant must place the frame plate received when collecting the bibs on the front of their bike and wear the bracelet on their wrist. Access to the event or to the various services (food, catering, etc.) may be refused in the event of a defect.

Special cases

  • Art 15: Any special case not provided for in the regulations will be decided by the organizers and will be final.

  • Art 16: The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time in order to comply with the regulations in force and to ensure the interest and safety of participants.

  • Art 17: Participating in the event implies pure and simple acceptance of these regulations in their entirety.

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