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Event Highlights

  • Starting Point: Begin your day at the historic Point b'Arts, nestled in the heart of Fratin (Etalle). Enjoy a leisurely morning coffee in the cozy ambience of this renowned bar located in an old farm, complete with a beautiful garden equipped with lounge furniture—a perfect setting for gravel riders.

  • First Feed Stop: Head towards the village of Toernich, where a warm welcome awaits you at the first feed stop in a delightful pub. Refuel and connect with fellow riders in this charming setting.

  • Exclusive Access to Camp Lagland: Experience the thrill of riding through Camp Lagland, a secure military area opened exclusively for Pub2pub Gravel participants. Revel in the unique opportunity to explore this special terrain.

  • Scenic Routes: Choose your adventure with routes tailored to different distances—50 km, 70 km, and 100 km. Traverse the Beynert forest, a gravel paradise close to Arlon, and take in the breathtaking views along the Semois River.

  • Feed Zone in a Micro-brewery: Recharge at the second feed zone located in a local micro-brewery. Sample some unique brews and replenish your energy for the second half of the ride.

  • Finish Line Celebration: Conclude your gravel journey back at the Point b'Arts. Celebrate your accomplishments with Rulles beers, savor the flavors of an Ofyr barbecue, and relax to the tunes of live music bands in the garden and lounge area.

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